Growing Our Economy

Indianapolis has added tens of thousands of jobs over the last four years, cementing our position as the tech capital of the Midwest. Mayor Joe is also working to raise pay for working families with a new economic development strategy, in partnership with the Indy Chamber, and working to claw back tax dollars when companies break their promises to the city.

Mayor Joe is committed to creating a city where prosperity and opportunity are attainable for all – by creating a stronger economy, he is shaping our city’s future, and the future for our city’s families.

  • Landed major investments from industry leaders like Salesforce, Fed Ex, and Infosys.
  • Incubating our homegrown talent and welcoming innovative companies from around the country, and building a reputation for Indianapolis as the tech capital of the Midwest.
  • Established a new innovation district at 16 Tech on the Westside.
  • Focused on inclusive growth through a new economic development plan to utilize tax incentives to attract businesses that pay at least $18 an hour and offer benefits such as healthcare and child care.