Hogsett awards Empower Results as Certified Vendor of the Month

Empower Results was awarded Certified Vendor of the Month for April 2023 by Mayor Joe Hogsett and Director of the Office of Minority Business Development David Fredricks. Empower Results, founded by Jill Hoffmann in 2006 and works to create programs, projects and stewardship opportunities that produce social and environmental benefits.

“Empower Results is bridging community concern for the environment with the policy and programming that can make a real difference,” Hogsett said in a press release. “As an XBE firm owned by an environmental scientist, Empower also points the way to a local professional landscape that champions diversity and expertise”

The mission of the business is to unite people and resources with an emphasis on how people communicate about growth and development. Empower Results specializes in developing and delivering public involvement services and customized outreach programs at local and state levels. The woman-owned business covers water management issues, wetland protection and related policy interests, master planning and sustainability initiatives. Empower Results was selected as the Certified Vendor of the Month in honor of Earth Day on April 22.

“Working to protect critical natural resources and the unique values those resource afford our communities keeps me inspired and motivated every day,” said Jill Hoffmann. “Our thoughtful, passionate team ensures that we take both a practical and enthusiastic approach to creating places and programs that make Indy more sustainable, more resilient, and more reflective of our shared existence and common goals.”

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