Indianapolis has endured unacceptable levels of violent crime in recent years, including a homicide rate that continues to greatly outpace national averages. After serving as federal prosecutor for four years, Joe Hogsett knows that any successful public safety plan must effectively reduce crime while meaningfully addressing the root causes of criminal activity.

The Hogsett Public Safety Plan will employ a holistic three-pronged approach including: (1) neighborhood-based crime prevention and early intervention; (2) collaborative and innovative law enforcement strategies; and (3) a renewed focus on reentry and reintegration services.

This effort will require unprecedented levels of cooperation and communication between the city’s law enforcement leadership, including the Marion County Sherriff’s Office, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Department of Public Safety. By fully engaging these actors with community partners and leveraging available state and federal resources, Indianapolis can turn back the tide of violence that continues to sweep over our neighborhoods and better support our law enforcement agencies. In doing so, we can make our city a safer, stronger place for all residents to call home.

Read the full Hogsett Public Safety Plan HERE.