Joe Hogsett airs early campaign ads

via WISH-TV — Jim Shella

November is still a long way off but it’s not too soon for campaign commercials. Ads for Joe Hogsett hit the air Monday.

Hogsett has lots of money and and Republican Chuck Brewer does not.

That makes June an opportune time for Hogsett to use TV ads to build him name ID and his image in the race for mayor.

The new ads portray Hogsett as a crime fighter using newspaper quotes about his service as U.S. Attorney, the job he quit to run for mayor.

“Hogsett has gone after gun crimes and some of the most repulsive of the pond scum, child pornographers,” says the announcer.

His campaign manager, Thomas Cook, explains the timing by saying, “Regardless of whether it’s on TV or at your front doorstep, we plan to be very aggressive.”

And crime is the top issue in the race for Mayor.

When he won the May primary Hogsett said, “We will start by putting more officers on the street to combat Indianapolis’s crime epidemic.”


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