Indy mayoral candidates take questions from voters

via FOX59 — Dan Spehler

The candidates for Indianapolis mayor and council met with voters Thursday night, in a candidates’ forum hosted by the Nora community council.

Democrat Joe Hogsett and Republican Chuck Brewer have appeared this week in a series of forums- with the election now about three months away.

Already, Hogsett’s built a huge lead in campaign fundraising, and Brewer says he knows he’s the underdog. And while the candidates have met in forums like these- they still haven’t had a formal debate.


“I think we’ll have an opportunity to get together on several occasions,” said Hogsett. “In terms of a formal debate, televised, I would hope that we would have a couple. That’s been pretty much the standard operating procedure in mayoral campaigns before. I see no reason why that wouldn’t be appropriate this year.”

Thursday the candidates spoke on a number of key issues facing the city.

“Certainly public safety is always a concern,” said Hogsett. “This area just two years ago had two very high profile home invasions that have now been successfully prosecuted, but public safety is never off the minds of too many people.”


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