Hogsett Vision for Indianapolis Neighborhoods

11836880_905160049557977_548617496517284400_nIndianapolis’ history includes innovative downtown development initiatives that have proven successful, as well as a number of transformational residential projects in well-organized and well-led neighborhoods. Still, too many neighborhoods are left behind because they lack the kind of civic infrastructure required to take advantage of many local, state, and federal programs.

The Hogsett Neighborhoods Plan would refuse to accept that some neighborhoods are “not ready” for investment, proposing instead a series of initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of frustration and mistrust between residents and city government, including:

  • Abandoned / Unsafe Houses Plan: The city will work to clean up Indianapolis neighborhoods by doing a full inventory of abandoned buildings, and if absentee owners or landlords won’t maintain their properties, houses will be rehabilitated or torn down in consultation with local neighborhood groups.
  • Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program: The mayor’s office will work with neighborhoods to set a path for improvement, and work to move every neighborhood forward with clear benchmarks. This would include a mayoral-led neighborhood identity initiative, an activist leadership series, and a city-wide effort to bring together stakeholder groups.
  • Quality of Life Planning Initiative: Too many neighborhoods lack a quality-of-life plan (QLP), a guiding document for investment and development. The mayor’s office would lead a neighborhood-based effort to bring together residents and key stakeholders to create a QLP and work toward full implementation of that plan’s recommendations.

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