Joe Hogsett knows that government owes it to taxpayers to spend their tax dollars efficiently and effectively. Joe has reduced his office’s spending every year in every public service job he has ever held, including as federal prosecutor and Secretary of State – while still improving the effectiveness of those offices.

As Mayor, Hogsett will streamline services, cut waste, and make City Hall more responsible with our tax dollars Joe Hogsett is an independent leader who has always put public service before politics. As Federal prosecutor, Hogsett went after corruption from both parties, prosecuting Democratic and Republican City Councilors for bribery and corruption and earning praise from leaders of both parties.

Joe Hogsett has always stood up for everyday working people. Hogsett led the successful prosecution of fraudulent businessman Tim Durham, who will serve the rest of his life in prison for orchestrating a $200 million dollar Ponzi scheme that robbed retirees of their life savings.

Read Joe’s Disclose Indy plan for government transparency by clicking here.